welcome to camp.
Helping businesses and entrepreneurs create marketing plans to grow. 
We Are Currently Not Accepting Recurring Monthly Clients
Consultations, audits, and strategy packages are available.
welcome to camp.
Helping businesses and entrepreneurs create funnels that work.
What can we do to help YOUR business succeed?
Our experts are ready to review your funnel on video and send you suggestions for improving your business traffic generation, branding, and conversions.
Checkout the free video breaking down how to take cold traffic (people who have never heard of you) and turn them into loyal customers.  oyal customers.
Get our expert help on each stage your business needs to generate awareness, convince, and convert.nd convert.nd convert.nd conver
We can build you a new website or update your old one. If you are already on WordPress or ready to move to it. Let's get started.nd convert.
Managing your Facebook ads yourself? Learn the best strategy to turn cold traffic into warm leads.
Taylor breaks down the steps for turning strangers into customers and what you need to have in place before you start.
About CampWest
We are based in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Today businesses like yours need strategies to grow your business with the most effeciency possible. With so many ways to get the word out there, and so many online systems needed to be in place, it's hard to know what to focus on. If your business can improve it's online efforts by improving your online funnel for processing new visitors into leads, and leads into loyal customers we are ready to help you with a sustainable plan.
Meet Our Team
Taylor Harris
Starting in design and marketing on social media in 2006. Taylor has worked with companies to maximize their funnels and increase online marketing efforts from their paid advertising and organic traffic. Starting in the fitness industry and working with large fashion companies he has since worked in a number of industries to increase lead generation and turn 10x profits from paid traffic.
Kim Harris
Creative direction and content marketing expert. Kim has worked with clients to get their creative direction on point for their market to maximize audience engagement. Creating content strategies and executing large scale social media campaigns for numerous brands. Kim actively designs ad creative images, helps clients come up with new content strategies to drive traffic to and turn prospects into loyal brand fanatics.
Colton McKell
Colton is an expert is business development. Leading the charge for multiple businesses over the last 5 years. Colton works with clients to develop the best strategies for building their business through strategic partnerships, product launches, and relationship building. Managing most of CampWest rev share and equity partners. Working with businesses who work with us to build their value ladder and structure their pricing models to scale.
Jordan Harris
From running Google AdWords campaigns in the heyday of 2006 to building out highly targeted Facebook campaigns for clients to this day. Jordan has a expertise of setting up highly converting paid traffic campaigns and doing the hard work of analyzing numbers using analytics, conversion tools and systems to make every campaign earn a return on its investment. Working with clients to develop their unique selling points and optimize landing pages for the highest conversion possible.
Work With Us
We work with our partners in various ways. While we are currently not taking monthly clients on we are offering in-depth strategic planning and funnel setup.
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